Precision Soda Blasting Services

In House

Mercedes Before

Mercedes Benz Before Blasting

I offer baking soda blasting services at my shop in Morgan Hill. My blasting rate is $90.00 per hour with a $50.00 minimum blasting fee. I do not accept credit card payments but do accept checks in addition to cash. I have a 10’ x 30’ booth, so as long as it will fit in the booth, I can blast it!


I also offer mobile services throughout the San Jose area at the same $90.00 per hour rate, plus a $1.00 per mile service fee.


Mercedes After

Mercedes Benz After Blasting

Although I try to give fairly accurate estimates, due to the fact that there are many variables on any restoration project (for example, heavy bondo on vehicles, rust that is too deeply embedded in the metal or previous sand blasting work), it is not possible to precisely predict the final cost of restoring your project. We keep good records of my blasting time, so you will be charged only for the amount of time expended to blast your project.

Please call 408-250-1901 before heading over as I am in and out of the shop quite frequently. I can set up an appointment to meet with you at your convenience.